I am interested in developing collaborative partnerships with models, makeup artists, fashion designers and stylists, prop stylists, and producers. This is an opportunity to network, share talents, and resources with other artists who are also looking to dig deeper in their creative abilities to take their work to the next level.

How does this work?

When doing a test shoot or a collaborative project, no one is paid - it is strictly voluntary.  Additionally, each person is responsible for the cost associated with their service (for example, the photographer pays for lighting and camera equipment, the makeup artist pays for makeup, the hairstylist pays for products, the model provides their own clothing (unless there is a wardrobe stylist available, etc).  The value in this project is everyone is able to build their portfolio at minimum cost. The best images captured during the shoot will be edited by the photographer and shared with everyone for use in their personal portfolio.  To protect the rights and creative property of everyone involved, each participating artist will sign a release form and contract outlining conditions of use.

Iā€™m interested, how do I sign up?

Please take a moment to fill out this form. Your information will not be shared and you won't be included on any mailing lists.  If you are a good fit for one of our visions, we will email you directly and share Pinterest boards that depict the vision we are looking to accomplish together. 

I'm looking forward to working with you soon!

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All artists: Please email me a picture of a look you would like to include in your portfolio after you submit this completed form. 

Models: If you have sample photos of yourself available please email me photos that contain the following details: 
Headshots (include left and right profile)
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